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Manuel Calvo Kamper

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KOLORS OF ZOUND|Progressive Rock|Progressive Metal|Vienna/Austria


Kolors of Zound was born in Colombia although its development has been mostly achieved in Vienna/Austria.
The synesthesic Manuel Calvo Kamper (composer, arranger, lyricist, guitarist and producer of K of Z) traveled to Vienna in 2009, bringing with him the first 3 compositions of the project.
By using a mixture of musical styles (Barock, Blues, Jazz, Flamenco, Funk, Oriental Folk, Pop… between others) combined with a Rock-Metal core, Manuel gave an elegant and eclectic flavor to it.

After finishing the composition of its debut album "Tales From A White Land" in 2010, the search for musicians in order to make a band and record the album finally started.
Finding the right musicians for this project took until the end of 2013, and only until 2014, "Tales From A White Land" was finally released.

The band was active and playing between 2014 and 2015.
Manuel keeps composing and producing by his own, so if you're interested in listening more of his music, please visit his homepage.

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